WP Engine Affiliate Program

I’ve made over $30,000 since joining the WP Engine affiliate program. Just look at this screenshot from my affiliate dashboard:

My WP Engine Affiliate Program Earnings

Do you recommend hosting services to clients, friends, and followers? You can make lots of extra cash with WP Engine’s Affiliate program. The best part is, the people you refer will be thrilled with WP Engine’s service.

To sign up for WP Engine’s Affiliate Program click here » (Earn $200 per sale minimum)

WP Engine is a hosted WordPress solution. It’s far more robust than when you create a WordPress blog from scratch. I’ve already talked about how I use WP Engine to not have to worry about WordPress optimization, and in my review of WP Engine, I talked about how I’ve tried plenty of other WordPress hosting services, and WP Engine came out on top (by a long shot, really. I’m actually angry about the experiences I had with other services!) As an added bonus, the WP Engine affiliate program is great. I’ve been using it since I became a customer.

If you’re like me, you only want to promote products that you believe in, so if you haven’t tried WP Engine yet, you may want to give the WP Engine coupon that I have available a shot.

WP Engine’s affiliate program on ShareASale pays an incredible $200 per sign-up (and sometimes MUCH more)

So, every time one of my readers signs up with WP Engine, I get paid $200, which – if you’re new to affiliate marketing – is HUGE. This is true even if someone just signs up for a $29 a month plan, but, let’s say someone signs up for a whole year of hosting right away. You make even more. You get the entire price of their first purchase!

This is a game-changer for anyone who is already signing up clients for hosting services when they design websites for them. Your client gets a great WordPress host, and you get a bonus for referring them.

So, if you refer someone who signs up for their $249/mo “Enterprise” plan, and pays for a whole year up-front (with a 2-month WP Engine free trial), you’d get a $2,490 commission!

Let me show you what that looks like, because that’s a ton of money for driving one sale:


If you drove this sale, you would get 100% of it.

WP Engine’s Affiliate Program has performance incentives

Not only does WP Engine have industry-leading payout for the affiliate program for their industry-leading service, they reward affiliates who drive lots of sales.

For example, if you drive 5 sales, you get a $100 bonus. If you drive 10 sales, a $250 bonus…

…let me just show you.

WP Engine Affiliate Program Payouts

You can earn some serious bonuses, in addition to already-generous commissions.

WP Engine does the hard work for their affiliate program

Marketing as an affiliate can be tough sometimes. Some affiliate managers are always changing terms up on you, or they don’t provide compelling creatives. This hasn’t been the case for me at all with WP Engine. In fact, their affiliate managers have reached out to me multiple times, and have even made custom creatives at my request!

They’re very communicative, and – most importantly – you know you’re getting paid, because their program is managed through ShareASale, which is one of the top affiliate networks out there. If you’re not signed up with them, you may find lots of other great affiliate programs besides just WP Engine’s.

Sign up for the WP Engine Affiliate Program here »