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About the person
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David Kadavy  @kadavy
Author/Professor/Janitor, Design for Hackers

David Kadavy is author of the #18 Amazon best-selling book, Design for Hackers. Prior to writing Design for Hackers, David led design at two Silicon Valley startups, freelanced for clients such as oDesk, PBworks, and UserVoice, and launched numerous startups of his own – none of which failed hard enough to be worthy of mention in this bio.

David's work has won international awards that only design snobs have heard of, and his free email courses have taught over 50,000 people the fundamentals of good design.

About the Course

Design Pitfalls is a free course, delivered via email, that teaches you how to avoid the most common mistakes beginning designers make.

Each Monday, Wednesday, & Friday for 2 weeks, you’ll learn about a new pitfall, and how to avoid it. The course is specifically geared for the minds of developers.

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