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Design for Hackers is a book that teaches the principles of good visual design to programmers, developers, and makers of any kind. It debuted at #18 on all of Amazon.

Finally, learn the “whys” of design

Design for Hackers breaks down the principles of great design for web and mobile developers.

“Kadavy's book does an excellent job of linking the theoretical to the practical in a very readable format.”
Brad Feld, TechStars

“clear yet engaging and comprehensive”
Vitaly Friedman, Smashing Magazine

“those coding [our world’s] software and user interfaces and threading the web should all learn what this book has to teach”
Gareth Branwyn, MAKE Magazine

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해커를 위한 디자인 레슨 (Korean)     Design dla hakerów (Polish) 黑客与设计 (Chinese)

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“All of the fonts you’ll ever need” PDF cheat sheet
Week 1
Why Design Matters
The Purpose of Design
Understanding Typography
Technology & Culture
Composition & Design Principles
Visual Hierarchy
Color Science
Color Theory
Choosing & Pairing Fonts
Typographic Etiquette
Closing Remarks

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